Another Layer of Protection for your Breathing Space

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Breathe Clean with Ionization

Ionization technology that protects you from dangerous particles in the air

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Mask by Four Fold

"When the ion emitter was turned on, the fit factors ranged from 311 to 1380, with an average of 611, showing a 4-fold enhancement." - *Department of Environmental Health University of Cincinnati*

The Technology

ReSPR SeLF utilizes proprietary technology that generates more than 7 million charged ions that purify your breathing space. Airborne particles attract charged ions by electrostatic attraction and make them too heavy to remain in the air. This process is effective in removing particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers including viruses, smoke, pollen, allergens, and pathogenic bacteria.

ReSPR Technologies has joined forces with NASA’s OPSPARC program, a STEM education initiative to donate a part of each purchase to The Foundation for Technology and Privacy Outreach.

Today, NASA and ReSPR are celebrating NASA’s 60th anniversary and are collaborating to help humans access life changing technologies developed in space.

Purify Your Breathing Space

For over 10 years, ReSPR's proprietary technology has been used in hospitals, airports and homes around the world. The SeLF uses that same technology in a light weight wearable unit. 

While small and portable, the SeLF produces more than 7 million charged ions that attach to small particles and removes them from the air around your breathing space.



  • Safety Zone

    Creates an exclusive zone around the head to protect from potential dangers, in space and on earth.

  • Air-Purifying

    Helps combat airborne pollutants, including bacteria and viruses by significantly lowering the concentration of airborne contaminants around the wearer.

  • Energy Efficient

    Just 1 hour of intelligent USB charging offer over 24 hours of clean and safe air around your breathing zone.

  • Easy-Use

    Light-weight, maintenance-free, and easily-wearable for instant protection, anywhere.

The ReSPR Mission

Clean Air is the most valuable commodity in the world today. It allows you to live a healthier and safer life. ReSPR SeLF is an innovative American based company committed to improving your personal air quality by building the world's best personal air purification device. At ReSPR we are passionate about CLEAN air and CLEAN living!